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Yes! I'm ready to lose weight, tone my tummy, and have more confidence!
Are you sick and Tired of...
trying to lose weight and not seeing results? 
So...your low in confidence, feeling frumpy, sluggish and are at a point where no matter what you try you never seem to lose the weight you want too. 

(and if you do lose some you can't seem to keep it off for long)

You've tried everything under the sun...all the slimming clubs, the gym, shakes, juices & weird and wonderful diets...but nothing seems to work for you. 

You're so frustrated that you've got to a point where you feel you're just going to have to accept your fate of being over-weight and just live with it.

If only you could find a tried & tested weight loss programme that had everything laid out step by step that could fit easily into your life...

That achieve fast, effective and long-term weight loss result so you can finally feel confident going out with friends and quit worrying what others think.

The thing is weight-loss has become over complicated which in turn makes it really HARD. Weighing food, calorie counting, long-hours in the gym, cutting carbs, dealing with cravings, cooking healthy meals that take ages..the list goes on. 

This will have you going round in circles and wanting to quit more often than not. 
Are You Okay With Not Having The Body Confidence You Want?
When you're feeling so low about your body it can feel like there's no hope... 
If you're like most women you're probably very busy. You've got kids, work, pets, partner and a job list as long as your arm. You seem to be at the bottom of the priority list and it's taken its toll on you, your health, your body and its making you feel miserable. 

When you have obstacles like this in the way it can seem hard and feel overwhelming. You've tried a million times to lose weight and are scared to get your hopes up and end up failing again. Your confidence is already rock bottom and you don't want to risk it anymore. You're losing all hope. 

Through my teenage years I really suffered with how I looked. I had severe acne, braces and was super unconfident and insecure about my body. I was picked on at school because of it and I really went through some terrible times dealing with it. 
After years of researching, studying and learning I unveiled the truth...
Because of all the pain and suffering I went through I became so obsessed with finding out the truth about diet and exercise so I could personally transform my body, my confidence and my life forever. 

What I didn't plan on was to go on a mission to help others learn the truth too so they could love who they were again, find peace of mind and be happy again. 
My Story & The Mission Of 
The Transformation Tribe
Let me tell you my story and how I discovered the TRUTH about transforming your body and confidence for life...
I was a skinny & acne ridden teenager struggling with anxiety trying to get the confidence to step foot into a gym and lift weights. I really wanted to to put on some muscle so I wouldn't have to worry about going to school and dealing with bullies and the thoughts and feelings in my own head.

I wanted to be able to learn how to change my body so I could start to liking who I was, stand up for myself and finally stopped being a target for bullies. 

The thing was I was struggling to understand what I needed to do and how. I was completely confused and lost on what to do. 

To make things worse, I felt like there was no hope. It was like know body understood me and I just didn't like who I was anymore.

The turning point was when someone in my class drew a picture of me on the blackboard emphasising my features that I hated and the whole class laughed. It was the final straw for me and I decided I was never going to be picked on again.

I just had to find a way to get my confidence back with myself, my appearance and my body.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when my cousin (who was a few years older than me) was going to the gym regularly and had arms as big as my legs and he knew all about weight training and how to transform your body!

It was now crystal clear to me if you workout regularly, ate the right food and we're focused you could create your perfect body, for the first time I saw that I was FINALLY going to be able to stand up myself and have a voice.

I also learned that eating loads of pasta wasn't way to transform your body (I thought it was healthy!) You need to understand that balancing your food correctly is the way forward instead.

As a result I saved up my money and went and brought my first set of dumbbells and studied for hours, trawling the internet. 

After I did that, I started trying different workouts and meal plans. 

Suddenly, I was starting to see some changes in the mirror which was exciting. 

That’s when I realised that the secret to get the confidence back with your body was that anyone could do it with some focus and dedication.

And it didn't need loads of time. 

My plan was to do 3 short workouts per week (in my mums garden!).

I then started changing my foods and started to test the ratio of carbs, proteins, fats and veg in my diet using quick easy meals. 

After that, I made a new friend and we started working out together which was great accountability.

But there was still a problem...

Even though I was working out hard 3 times a week, trying to eat the right foods and working out with my friend my body still wasn't changing as quickly as I'd hoped. It was frustrating and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. 

There was something missing.

I felt like giving up. 

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided that I needed to hire a coach to help me. But one problem…I couldn't afford one so I decided to qualify as fitness trainer myself! 

It was from my time studying to become a fitness instructor, personal trainer and body transformation specialist that I realised where I was going wrong. 

After finally finding the answers for myself and getting the results I had dreamed of (I actually posed half naked in a newspaper!, long story)...a few years later I decided to help others as well.

This is what finally became “The Transformation Tribe”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to transform your body in a small amount of time using some simple tools with other like minded people around you, I’d be really happy and so would other people.

After 16 years doing this and working with hundreds of people (mainly women) I realised there were more women who needed help to lose weight, so I created The Transformation Tribe which is a little PT studio in Sunderland, UK. 

Me and my team can now show women how to completely transform their bodies in 90 day or less (with results in the first 14-days) using our simple transformation formula. 

As a result of all this we were able to help women in Sunderland finally learn the truth about weight loss and how to keep it off for life. The Tribe has grown very quickly and it has given us the opportunity to help more women.

Why? because the formula works!

After creating The Transformation Tribe, We were not only able to helps hundreds of women transform their bodies without going through all the pain I went through...

I’ve also been able to stop my lack in confidence, anxiety and I finally have a voice people can hear because I'm now confident in who I am. 

I’m now able to live my life with a smile across my face and be totally happy on the inside and out. 

And I want that for you too. 
Liam Britton
Founder & Coach: The Transformation Tribe

Born and raised in Suffolk in the United Kingdom, Liam and his team are on a mission to reach women around the world get of the yo-yo diet rollercoaster and finally learn the truth to a complete body & life transformation. 

With all the confusion and miss-information on weight-loss The Transformation Tribe's mission is to deliver simple, fast and sustainable long-term results to all women who join their programmes. 

Care, support and community is very important to Liam and these fundamentals have been installed into the framework of all coaching programmes.

Based in Sunderland UK, The Transformation Tribe has all ready changed hundreds of women's lives in the local area and is now helping women world wide.
Imagine...Learning The Secrets To Transforming Your Body For Life  
I could write a huge list of all the benefits of doing this programme...lose weight, feel more confident, gain new found energy and your friends asking you "what's your secret"...but I'll let the pictures below do the talking. The Transformation Tribe formula was born to help women like YOU! Just imagine you're clothes not feeling tight any longer and having the confidence to wear EXACTLY what you like to social events rather than worrying for weeks before hand. 

Don't waste any more time or money and FINALLY find out The Transformation Tribe's secrets to fast & lasting weight loss, a flat tummy and new found confidence... 
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 Teach you the easy steps to getting a lasting transformation and sky-rocket your confidence, strength and energy.
 Help you learn how to get the body you really want and still enjoy meals out.
 Learn how to easily bet back into your favourite jeans without spending hours in the gym.
 Help you finally take control of your health, become pain-free and start enjoying life again.
But don't just take our word for it...
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All we are asking for is that you show up. Its an absolute no-brainer with all the amazing value we are giving away with the FREE session. 

With our FREE body Transformation Session you literally have nothing to lose apart from the inches around your middle and the pounds on the scales. 

We can't wait to help you finally slip back into those skinny jeans and dresses again! 

See you in the studio. 

Your coaches,

Liam Britton & Ashley Paynton
The Transformation Tribe LTD
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